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Open Love Letter From Future Self

on new beginnings….you may need to hear this too!

I know it may feel uncomfortable, you have a pit in your stomach, and the nerves are singing.

The unknown is scary!

Change can be scary!

Taking a leap of faith is scary!

Being vulnerable is scary!

The worry of “Will it work out” or fear of people telling you “I told you so.”

But every time you have made a decision… took a leap of faith, you have never regretted it.

It might have been an unpopular opinion, but your decision was your own.

Every time you let courage outweigh the fear it has added a golden nugget of courage into your treasure chest.

Your gut and your intuition has never failed you. So quiet down the noise around you and listen to it.

Don’t let the "saboteurs" hold you back. Including the fears and stories in your head.

Go in with a frequency that lights you up…

Go in with trust, openness, confidence, and MAGNANIMOUS BELIEF in yourself and your dreams because they are there for a reason.

Go in with living in the moment, the NOW… with a vision and blueprint for what you desire.

In that moment, feel with both sides of your brain…you know…. the LEFT one - that likes to plan and think and reason, and the RIGHT one - that knows, allows, envisions.


Close your eyes…do it…feel the good feels in your heart. TAP your chest, see the energy, light, and warmth expand through your body and into your field, and watch it support you. Feel the universe working toward helping you.

There are forces that exist that won't support you…Learn to recognize them, and master to clear them.

I will tell you right now, it’s not going to be easy at times. You will cry, you will feel tired, you will want to throw in the towel. You will fail...but failure is just an invitation to pivot into more alignment?

Who cares…keep going. Pivot! It’s all an experience…and what is life but a tapestry of experiences that create your adventure. The experience builds you, gives you life, and makes you feel alive. Imagine a life without feeling. Worry and fear are 2 major energies you will master but you will master many of them. So keep going…I’m with you.

I’m here…where you think the road ends…Guess what it doesn’t end, there are always more experiences available. That’s the beauty of it. We’re constantly in motion. So stop worrying about your list. Do it… check it off… it’s all moving you forward, you’re moving through existence, you’re walking through doors. Don’t get fixated on the chase or the pursuit. Instead, enjoy it as you’re doing it. Find your happiness in the cup of tea in front of you. Give the moment love and your heart. That is your superpower - you have no idea how powerful and beautiful you are, but you will. Master your own frequency. That’s the secret. You will see it.

Even the tough experiences got you here…and here is where you wanted to be.

You’re meant to do great things. And they are yours…just wait and see.

Remember you are living an adventure worth living.

You are amazing.

There are people that need your light….So shine bright baby…and make this world a better place. You got this.

Have a nap, take a bath, brush your hair, put on an outfit that you love, eat your greens, and get to work baby! Get inspired and inspire!

I love you so much!

I’m here and remember you’re never alone!

Your future self,


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