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Hi I’m Roxy, the founder and curator of Wanderess...

Welcome, I am happy that you are here!


I take it you're here because you're a fellow Wanderess, seeker, explorer, or maybe you just "stumbled upon this."

Well, know that you're here for a reason...nothing is a coincidence.

Allow me to introduce myself in a short story here. I have been immersed in inner transformation + holistic practices since 2006. I have traveled to distant places to deepen my awareness and my relationship with myself + my world. 

I work with Usui Reiki, BioField Tuning, sacred meditation techniques, chakra alignment, psychosomatic healing, Akashic Records, Knowledge Based Coaching, guided intuition, and other "shamanic" and practical coaching wisdom I have learned over the years. All of which, throughout my life, have proven to be incredible tools for transformation.

I was called to the practice of Reiki in mid 2018 and have quickly gone through what I like to call an "energy awakening.” Funny thing about energy awakening is that it comes in stages, and each time it feels different and opens up new chapters. I had to do a lot of unlearning so that I could learn in a different way. 

This catalyst has allowed me to connect with others through energy work + I began to open up to other modalities as well as incorporating all of my acquired self development over 15+ years into helping others heal within. 

If my life was a short story, I would say that it is the story of the “Alchemist.” I have traveled to distant lands on a journey to not only explore the world but what has come to manifest a journey of the heart + self, with each step truly alchemizing my soul + finding the treasure within myself + those I meet.

For a long time I myself felt unfulfilled, not aligned with my best self. I had been blocked, stuck + stagnant in my own life. I have been able to move through the muck to design my own life + ignite the magic that lights me up.


I have learned from whom people may call gurus or shamen, from people on the street, taxi drivers, top level executives, world renown faculties, and synchronous and spontaneous encounters in this journey of life.  I have come to understand that we are all here to help + teach each other, no matter of title, status, or wealth. I have always found relatability in my life + I absolutely love sharing IN transformative experiences with others.


I take a heart centered approach + bring a gentle + nurturing energy to my work. It is my authentic state of flow + I am honored to hold your beautiful mirror for you. 

I'm excited that you are here....explore your Wanderosity and check out the inner work offerings I have compiled for you.



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