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You are...the masterpiece.

A 3-month self-reclamation deep healing journey. We get into de-armoring wounds and programs that are subconsciously running in your field. We dive into sweet and rebel inner child and teen healing, addressing relationship with mother and father, masculine and feminine dynamics, reconnecting to your soul, fragmentation healing, purpose reclamation, and so much more!

  • 12 weeks - weekly online 90 min coaching and energy healing sessions

  • 13th week - debrief and integration ritual + protocol

  • Weekly WhatsApp Voicenote Messaging Support During Program (M-F)

  • Virtual BioField Tuning and Reiki, Meditative Hypnotherapy and Journeying

  • Inner Child and Teen Work

  • Addressing Mother and Father Wounds

  • Healing Masculine and Feminine Dynamics

  • Fragmentation Healing

  • Self-Relating and Soul Connection

*** These journeys are not concretely structured weekly as the work flows where it is most needed. All of the above themes are addressed in each journey container however the length of time spent in each area varies based on the individual life experience and need. Come with an open mind and heart to receive and allow healing to take place. 

Initial Inquiry Call Required

Investment: $4,444
Payment Plans Available

client ahas:

  • Clarity on what to do next in her career and completely aligning with her purpose

  • Seeing a long-standing pattern in her relationships with her partner and improving their communication and relationship

  • Connecting her choice of wrong partners to her childhood trauma, recognizing and taking power from the pattern

  • Seeing where her money leaks started and taking back control over them

  • Acknowledging that the difficulties in her life aren't hers and healing deep ancestral “karma”

  • Finally being able to make moves and decisions without FEAR in her body

  • Getting out of her HEAD and seeing where she was allowing her trauma to get in the way of her relationship with men by healing her father would

  • Healing her relationship with other women that was hindering her from fully stepping into her energy

  • and so many more!

If you know someone in your life who would benefit from this program, don't hold out on them!

This is LIFE changing!

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