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She uses her power + natural flow to harness energy in building her new world. One that breaks down old paradigms + creates from a space of nourishment.


She keeps balance + systems in place that support her in her being.


She magnetizes….and infuses life with her magic + love.


12 week immersive program where you get to reclaim your life using 

the non-dual energetics of both sides of the brain...the yin and the yang, the animus and anima the...


divine masculine


feminine energies



Experience my very potent + unique

* Tree of Life Method *

 360 degree life assessment & energetic tune up



Evolve in this 4 PHASE JOURNEY as we design to

shift + heal + create

Really tune in to this....

Do you experience pleasure in what you do in life?

That deep guilt free, unrestricted, bountiful essence of pleasure.



Do you remember what it’s like to play in the sandbox of life?

Just like when you were a kid - when your imagination took you places & you could feel it just as if was real. Because it was real!!!



Are you *lit up* by the life you have created  for yourself?

The kind where NO explanation is needed because you can just see it in you.



If you answered “NO” to one or more of these… don’t worry there’s so much to look forward to!

Grainy Surface

This is for the Woman

· Yearning to be fueled sustainably by her own magic


· Desiring to become her masterful inner designer while experiencing pleasure in daily life


· Desiring an upgrade in how her life flows so that it can support the person she’s becoming


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Through this evolution you will...

  • Understand how your space energetics impacts your inner flow + frequency and learn to align both so that you are creating magnetically

  • Playfully explore what truly lights you up + anchor in trust codes so you can attract everything you desire


  • Create nourishing rituals + actionable steps that will ignite healing of old wounds within & around you

  • Discover your subconscious blocks + traps + blindspots and artfully shift out of them more quickly


  • Powerfully rewire neural pathways to better serve the evolved version of you

The 4 Phases


Assessment of your energetics + environment + home so that you can make space to receive more in life. Tuning into the present self + where you desire to be.


Clearing out energy leaks + transmuting old limiting beliefs & patterns that keep you stuck. Yesss this can even include physical things in your house!


Upgrading your frequency to a level of safety in your nervous system, and activating your ability to lead with your heart + experience pleasure on an entirely new level.


Stepping into your new life blueprint so you get to experience joy, freedom, abundance + alignment to your unique frequency.


  • Weekly (12 weeks) 60 minute mastermind coaching + energy healing

  • Individualized Tree of Life Method Blueprint for life


  •  1 : 1 Private Akashic Design Session (1 hr)


  • 1 : 1 Professional Assessment of your Space Energetics (45 min)

  • 1 : 1 Gene Keys Assessment (2 hrs)

  • (2) 1 : 1 Ayurvedic Inner Balancing through Supportive Nutrition to your specific dosha (Body and Energy Type)


  • Videos, meditations, embodiment exercises for Life


  • Weekly WhatsApp Voicenote Messaging Support During Program

$3,333 Investment that will keep on giving back to you

payment plans available 
3 Investments of $1,111 

Still have questions? So let's chat....

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