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working with me

In other terms:

  • I curate the release of psychosomatic blocks + stagnancy.

  • Then help people activate those deepest + highest parts of themselves so they can up-level in life. 


I show you the magic within you. When you allow and surrender, healing happens. And it is my dharma to guide you there.

I am simply a space holder, the true healing happens within YOU.

I ask that you breathe, listen, and surrender to your liberated frequency.


My methods incorporate many studies and traditions into my integrative therapies and experiences. Each session is like an energetic dance between my client and I, each experience offering a unique insight and catharsis.

  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing

  • Spinal Energetics

  • BioField Tuning

  • Chakra Alignment

  • Kundalini Activations

  • Body Work

  • Breath-work

  • Akashic Records

  • Intuitive + Knowledge Based Coaching

  • Application of Self-Assessments + Alignment Methods



I look forward to guiding you on your s/hero's journey. Let's go! No time to waste because the best version of you is excited to meet you.

I help men & women unpack their emotional baggage living rent-free in their bodies & space.

Healing Offers

White Sheet


Integrative Healing Sessions

2 hour body + energy work session

  • Deeper Connection to Higher Self

  • Clarity around blocks in life

  • Psychosomatic Trauma release

  • Ultimate body calibration

  • Finding patterns in behavior

  • Physical pain relief

  • Healing relationship wounds

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Spinal Tension Release

  • Deep introspection and downloads

  • Catharsis through frequency healing

  • and so much more


Energy Healing Ceremonies

5 hour deep healing + immersion ceremony


~ Honor yourself in ritual ~

~ Connect to emotions in the body ~

~ Release Trauma Contractions ~

~ Process subconscious blocks ~

~ Connect to “stuff” living in your body + spirit ~

  • Opening Cacao Ceremony

  • Meditation + Breathwork

  • Energy + Body Work

  • Rose Ceremony

  • Integration




Custom Curated programs which include psychosomatic energy healing, combining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being.


We will focus on a blueprint designed based on your needs assessment.

  • Relationships to Self

  • Mother + Father Wounds

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Soul Fragmentation

  • Connecting to Purpose

  • Intimacy + Sacral Healing

  • Self-Awareness & Pattern Breaking

  • Purpose Alignment

  • Somatic (Body) Healing

  • Emotional Catharsis


White Cream

w h a t   c l i e n t s   s a y

My session with Roxy like a flashlight was shined on the area of healing in greatest need of my attention. Everything resonated deeply, I got chills multiple times. I feel like I have more clarity about my ancestors and their support of me, especially as someone who has never really felt a strong connection to my family and heritage

Always incredible - Roxy has a very unique magic in which it feels like she sees and holds my soul, pulling from it secrets that I know but have forgotten.

This was an incredible experience. It opened the door to healing my relationship with my parents and family beyond the veil. I now have insight into where my next steps of my healing journey are, and I have the opportunity to lean into that. Roxy provided such a safe container to feel my magic which empowered me and reminded me of my strength. To anyone thinking about a session with Roxy, absolutely go for it! She will take you on a beautiful magical journey of remembering your Self.



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