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The Soulmate Tree of Life

I found this piece of Art strolling the streets on my last night in San Gimignano after my besties wedding.

It is from the Tree of Life series by an Italian sculptor @andrea_roggi_official.

I have seen this sculpture before but in the depths of my mind.

Once many years ago this image came to me for a tattoo idea. I never got it designed & just released the idea.

The image came to me again in my coaching class in grad school. I based the Tree of Life on my coaching model & use it today.

2 months ago, again the symbol came to me when I led myself into a PAST LIFE REGRESSION. I saw this exact symbol.

I felt as if I was a part of it.

It felt like a divine union b/n a divine feminine & masculine immersed in the light of love. This energy united, embraced, intertwined & elevated the other energy. It anchored it into the roots of this tree & radiated light into the world. It fueled its surroundings & nourished itself in this strong body & upward + downward vines. It created a shield of light & was of source energy. It was supported by those who came before & gave life to those who came after.

In the regression, Centuries later this Tree of Life was cut down & separated, pieces of it scattered around the globe. The field from the Tree of Life became weaker & its energy was used to fuel other agendas.

One day these two forces find each other again after many lifetimes of searching & wandering. They forgot but when they meet they remember and feel the force + magnetism as they radiate this elevating frequency.

If I had to capture the essence of a soulmate. I can imagine it looking & feeling something like this.

I know that we come down here to experience and explore different relationships within each life we incarnate.

The current one being the most important one. We live in the NOW & that’s where the magic is experienced. When you don’t - you can miss it.

So yes…soulmates, karmic relationships, twin flames, life partnerships, lovers, parenting partners, unions, or solo love stories …there are many different agreements between souls…all of these teach, provide depth & perspective in their own way, give one an experience.

Now I invite you to notice what the ego is whispering…

  • Is it asking you to put yourself in a bucket?

  • Are you wishing for something other than what you have?

  • Are you feeling regret?

  • Or are you lit up with joy and pride because of what you have?

And what if ALL are a menu of experiences we are meant to feel in this & other lifetimes?

What if this time around you get a soulmate, and the next you get a life partner, and another you experience the life of solitude…or sometimes a few of these in one lifetime?

It’s all but a tapestry of our immortal soul's experience.

When we approach & accept these experiences with gratitude toward the experience we take back our power, and when we can look at it all from the perspective of your soul being a passing speck through lifetimes, we can tap into acceptance and love for the experience of the NOW.

The hard part is not judging or comparing your experience and not getting attached to it.

The best thing we can try to do is use these experiences to heal in love toward self and humanity. Yes fall in love… without expectations, and heal through the polarity of experiences.

What if ALL of it was the fruit on the Tree of Life…and you chose to experience the buffet of it in your lifetimes?

If that were the case…How would you live today?

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