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Can you Receive?

And can you hold what you want to receive?

For years, I thought I understood how to receive until I observed the energy I couldn't embrace fully. I’ve always been a giver. I’m not saying this to pat myself on the back, but to share some things I noticed that stemmed from my subconscious conditioning.

This is connected to my culture, the economy in which I grew up, the incredible hospitality in my bloodline, and also the programs I have been exposed to around giving and receiving. Growing up, I often witnessed the mentality of "oh, you shouldn't have" when adults received gifts. Can you smell the “rejection of abundance”?

While being a giver is admirable, I noticed a few things happening on the side:

1. Energy Thirst: Energies (people) that are thirsty can detect it and sometimes overtake, leaving you feeling depleted, whether consciously or subconsciously.

2. Energy Leaks: Constant giving without accepting something in return, can turn into your own energy leaks.

3. Unfamiliar Receiving: Being accustomed to giving for so long makes it challenging to truly experience receiving.

Here are some scenarios:

Example 1:

As a woman used to doing many things herself, I projected an "I can do it all" mindset, blocking my frequency from receiving help or gifts.

Example 2:

Sometimes unknowingly we block our ability to receive. Sometimes receiving in our ancestral line didn’t feel safe or was conditional. “Nothing in life is free” right? That was the post-communist mentality in Poland, the country I grew up in.  So of course that energy had an impact.

Example 3:

We subconsciously may be unable to hold the vibration and frequency of money or love we desire because it's unfamiliar. New territory is scary, and our bodies and neuroplasticity retreat to the familiar, even if it means scarcity or fear.

Example 4:

Sometimes we have bad associations – receiving love is painful, and receiving gifts is conditional. So how do we expect to HOLD so much love and abundance if we’re terrified of it or have fine print with rules and regulations?


The SHADOW of Being a Taker in Life

We all know someone who is the first to take. Sometimes it’s a surface-level wound called greed, but there is always a deeper reason for it. Being in the energy of always taking can make people around you feel depleted. Perhaps it stems from the “they owe it to me” mentality, need to take to survive, have to fight to get, the first come first serve, energy of past scarcity.

The SHADOW of Being a Giver in Life

Are you constantly seeking approval from others to the point you overgive? Being in the energy of always giving can make people around you feel like you’re open for handouts constantly.  It’s perhaps because we had guilt for having when others didn’t or were seeking validation from parents, have self-worth wounds, lack of boundaries, etc.


It’s all about the SELF-WORTH

We often have to connect this to our own sense of self-worth. Do we feel worthy to receive? I don’t mean your mind…I mean your frequency. We can tell ourselves yes I’m worthy of receiving this present but at the very core, what is our conditioned program….can you look closer? Where are these feelings and energies stemming from?

When we receive and immediately feel obligation, guilt, or say, "oh, you should have," we deny ourselves the fullest experience of receiving. This also denies the joy of giving at its highest frequency to the person giving.

It's beautiful to be a giver, but receiving must be reciprocated. Shifting this perspective, some angel friends supported me in this endeavor and are constantly inviting me to practice the art of receivership. (For which I am very grateful.)

By not opening up to receiving, you rob the “joy of giving” from the person offering.

So, take an energetic inventory when blocking yourself from receiving—whether it's someone holding the door, buying you coffee, or in a deeper relationship or partnership. Notice what it feels like for you. Can you lean into giving and receiving even more?


There's a beautiful dance between giving and receiving. Knowing when to take abundance from the universe and when to give with love and intention is crucial.

So, how can you open the door and be held in this dance of “givership and receivership”?


1. Consider how you give. Ensure there's a clear frequency of gifting, giving with love and intention.

2. Feel the Gratitude that you can give. When you give, you can also receive.

3. Give without expectations.

4. Connect to the energy of the person and how they like to receive.


1.   Change Your Frequency: Soften More. Allow More. Surrender More.

2.   Feel the gratitude that you can receive. When you receive you can also give.

3.   Tap into the safety of receiving and being showered with abundance.

4.   Visualize yourself holding it and it holding you. These are two very different frequencies.


Learn to give + receive this season.

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