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Gratitude is Like Water, Doesn't Hurt to Drink More

Gratitude is like doesn't hurt to drink more of it, it's essential for life, and it's one of those things that if you neglect it, it can easily sneak up on your wellbeing. So practice more gratitude and drink more water.

I use gratitude as a primary means of my work. Beyond the first step of showing up and making space for yourself to heal, gratitude holds a very specific healing frequency that allows us to be in the now, feel things in the now, and regulates the nervous system.

Gratitude is a medicine that we all have access to but underestimate its healing ability.

We all have something to be grateful for… starting with the simple things… our senses, our breath, or the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and function in the body. And then we can get into more details, and the things we have in our lives and even the ones we don’t yet have but are energetically attracting.

This changes our inner frequency and physiology. We are conditioning our mind and body to be in a vibration of gratitude and ultimately love. This creates harmony, we become more magnetic, as we are electromagnetic energy beings.

Like attracts like and when we create that higher frequency from our internal battery we create a self-sustainable source for greatness… for joy.

Albert Einstein and quantum physicists spoke of this years ago.

The universal laws explain this.

Spiritual teachers teach this.

It is a belief but also a scientific principle. When we apply it, we are rewriting and reconditioning our internal operating system.

We are teaching our brain and body to live in the feel-good moment. And when we can create that feel-good moment whenever we focus on it, we create a higher vibration, our energy changes, our mind changes, our emotions change, how it feels in our body changes, our moods change, and ultimately our environment changes.

Gratitude in a time of turmoil is at times difficult. We have all been there. I’m not here to tell you… oh just be thankful for what you have and bypass the hardships.

It’s okay to not be ok at times, and part of healing is allowing yourself to express sadness, anger, grief, and pain in a healthy way instead of suppressing it. When we do that in the form of emotional release we can make space. When that moment happens we can enter a state of gratitude….but first, we have to get in a relationship with what’s coming up. Because these denser emotions are telling us what we yet need to heal, what wants to come out, and what wants to be acknowledged. We can be grateful for those feelings as well because they are intricate waves of data. They want to be expressed. That’s why they are there, but we need to get to the root to heal them. To them make space by allowing and accepting ourselves. When we resist, clench, and grasp we create friction… when we allow, surrender, and accept, we make space for more gratitude and LOVE.

What happens when we don't practice gratitude?

Not having a gratitude practice is probably more common than we think. Many people go through life "stuck" in the same old situations and they don't know why they can't get out of them. There is a deep wounding at play and it's really hard to get out of this low vibrational frequency if our self-talk doesn't change. If we are constantly playing the victim role in our lives, and if we are in a world of pessimism about where we are and what we don't have, things will be very difficult to change and sustain. Gratitude in the present moment (actually getting to feel that frequency in your heart and body) is what shifts the paradigm. It changes the way you operate and changes your ability to be more magnetic to the things you do want in life. It is a dopamine booster and serotonin builder, and it changes our physiology. So why not make it a part of our day-to-day life until we really start believing in what we're grateful for and start building that new life frequency? Even if we don't believe it yet, starting the engine is what builds momentum.

Starting Your Gratitude Practice

Give yourself space and time to quiet down and really tune into the beat of your heart. Start with gratitude for the heartbeat, for your senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel? All amazing things to be grateful for. Then expand...go into the things in your life. Focus on the positives, and also give gratitude for the they are maybe more important because they are the experiences that will challenge you, expand you, and build you. Do so every day, no matter what. You can keep a journal or an app. Do so for 90 days! Why 90 days? This is an optimal time for creating new habits. This is when you break through and you start believing it.


1. You can also keep notes on your calendar or an app for gratitude.

2. Set a daily gratitude alarm. This will help you keep to your ritual and will hold you accountable.

3. Create a gratitude jar for the year and write down things you are grateful for, revisit the jar at the end of the year of when you need to lift your spirits.

4. Create gratitude ornaments/notes/signs for your holiday tree or home decor.

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