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What does it mean to Surrender to Your Inner Child

Surrender can be a scary thing. It actually has a negative connotation…as in - I surrender, waive the white flag, I give up.

But true embodied surrender in healing and bodywork means trusting your inner energy. To let go. To make space. To unclench the grasp. To feel, not think. To stop TRYING to make things fit or happen. To allow. To open up to the resonant energy of what wants to flow through you.

When we talk about surrendering to our inner child, it means connecting to curiosity, innocence, a state of wonder, play, LOVE, and a boundless ability to dream and believe. In that moment allowing yourself to be whatever you want to be. No judgment.

When we connect to that inner child, we reawaken a deep part of our souls. The part of us that is open and curious about the world, that is still learning and experiencing things for the first time in their purest and most wondrous form.

It’s a time when the conditioning of the world hasn’t yet taken full effect and distorted our deep ability to dream, believe, and manifest. Children are beautiful manifestors because they believe in their dreams. Over time we lose that. We get “spanked” by the traumas of the world and build this contraction in our beliefs and bodies that block us from “allowing.”

When we’re children it's easy to play make-believe, and dream that we will be an astronaut, doctor, or a unicorn and we actually believe it.

As adults, we forget that, and we forget to play. Everything has to be productive. When we play we get in a state of flow, we don’t have to, we do it because we like it, and it feels good. Play creates a frequency that is healing. We are activating different parts of our brain that perhaps have been dormant. We fire neural pathways that light up our receptors and literally create bliss. More play transfers to more joy. We activate creative flow, manifestation, and abundance in many forms.

As much as there are quite a few pros, we need to also look at the blind spots.


1. Inner Child Work can be very healing when we have the courage and willingness to go there

2. Our dreams become more alive and we can manifest more quickly

3. Our brain activity connects to the openness of possibility, compassion, joy, bliss and love

4. We stand in the position of being our biggest cheerleader (our current adult self, going back to the inner child) – where we can give them absolutely everything if we allow ourselves to – this is where healing the inner-child wounds come into play. Pun intended.


1. We can get stuck in the childlike pattern and never want to “grow-up,” - The Peter Pan Syndrome.

2. Depending on what we experience in childhood, we may get stuck in a trauma response loop in the form of “co-dependency” or “abusive relationships” in adulthood.

3. Not having the tools, one can relive childhood trauma or triggering experiences

4. Maybe your inner child isn't pleasant. FEAR of your inner child can manifest if you are storing painful memories or trauma and there is fear of opening up the pandora’s box (fear, anger, rage, pain, shame etc.)

5. Fragmentation – happens when we experience trauma and our psyche splits off to protect itself from trauma. It may be scary to “surrender” to the time of childhood when this subconsciously occurred. Facing the unknown of what lies beneath, even if it means connecting to “childhood passions”

Children are in the THETA state until age of 7. That means they are absorbing, learning, and formulating beliefs about the world and themselves. It is a brain activity level that is open to suggestion and programming.

This is also the time when we learn if surrender feels safe or not, if you can trust or not.

With inner child work, we often return to this time in life, when we had first experiences of these very basic beliefs.

We go back to the rooted traumas so that we can reprogram them at the root. So that we can provide love, compassion, support, and safety to that inner child maybe when we didn’t have it or didn’t feel it. These moments rebuild us.

As adults, inner child work is really powerful. When we parent our inner child from our current position, we take on the perspective of caring for a part of us that we have a deep desire to help and that is still very active in us. In this way, we are able to separate that part of ourselves and parent it, love it, and care for it, the way we needed it at that given moment. This means surrendering to receive or be praised, validated, encouraged, held, hugged, loved, taught etc. by your own future self. You are then generating your own healing.

Surrender in any form takes practice + healing. In its purest sense, it should feel light, delicious, creative, boundless, and supportive. Just like a kid with a dream, belief, and a ridiculously deep inner knowing that it is real. When we tap into that power it is very healing. In adulthood, this is a SUPERPOWER and it creates a frequency of ease, joy, and abundance… who wouldn't want that.

So how can you tap into your INNER CHILD?

  1. Talk to them. Care for them. See them as a part of you that lives within you.

  2. Ask them what they need.

  3. Play! Love them in all of their rambunctiousness!

  4. Get in touch with your creative side - reconnect to what you loved doing when you were a kid....ok but really....go do it! (I liked to play in the mud and climb trees)

From my inner child to yours, TAG YOU"RE IT!

I love you,


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