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Allow the Healing Behind the Waterworks

Let me tell you a tale about tears and why you should allow yourself to cry. Tears usually result from physical or emotional stimulation on a wide scale of symptoms; it could be physical pain, physical ecstasy, or emotional connection, love, pleasure, grief, pain, fear, anger, sadness, depression, etc.

Personally, I have cried many a tears and cry on a regular basis...for many reasons but usually, there is some type of healing or catharsis in the process. There is a stigma around crying, especially for men - that “it’s not very masculine for a man to cry.” There is a lot of suppression and projected shame on men crying. On the contrary, a man who cries and expresses his compassion and empathy is something the world needs more of instead of suppressing feelings and hiding behind societal conditioning. Or if a woman cries “she’s so emotional.” There is a negative connotation around “being emotional” – the very thing that makes humans human.

From a holistic and psychological perspective, we never want to suppress anything. We were taught to, and over time we build contraction in the physical and energetic body. When suppressed consistently we become an emotional ticking time bomb.

There are even times when we may be holding back the tears and a simple touch from another human can spark these tears to flow. Because they want to flow...You just have to allow it and learn the language of your tears.

Crying usually is connected to breathing and our parasympathetic system and the ability for our body to regulate through breath. When we hold back tears, we hold back our breathing as well.

When we hold back tears, this can also suppress energy connected to the throat...our ability to self-express, speak our truth, express compassion, and express our feelings.

So let’s talk about some benefits…

1. It’s Essential - It's a Form of Catharsis

Crying isn't something we necessarily want to do, it is an expression, a byproduct of something happening to us or within in. When we let this emotion run, it becomes's healing, it's like letting the pressure out of an overinflated balloon. Whew.

2. Release of Emotions such as Pain or Joy

Crying is an expression, it is a byproduct of pain or joy, sadness, or grief. Our bodies are wired to self-regulate through “soothing or releasing mechanisms,” such as crying. It’s a way for our body to purge and regulate.

3. It is a Natural Form of Energy Flow

When we allow ourselves to cry, freely, we allow for self-expression, for energy to flow, and tension to leave the body instead of trapping it in, holding our breath through it. Notice when you hold back your tears you may even get a headache. This energy wants to be liberated.

4. It Takes Self Awareness to Cry

Allowing ourselves to cry takes self-awareness and connection to the self. It’s understanding the language of emotions and going with the flow….literally the flow of tears. Emotional self-awareness is healthy and beautiful.

5. Expression of Love, Courage & Vulnerability

Crying is how we express all of the above and more. When we openly and unapologetically express ourselves we become more powerful. It takes courage to be vulnerable and to love deeply, and tears show us how deep that courage is.

6. Human Heart Connection

This is something that makes us human, forms human connection, allows for heart connection, and our awareness of emotions. A.I. will never have this, as this is something that comes with the soul and connects us to a deeper mystery of consciousness.

So notice and bring awareness to what happens to you next time you want to cry. How you feel before, during, and after. Usually, you'll feel a sense of relief, but you may feel tired or hungry especially if a lot of emotions are processed. Be gentle with yourself.



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